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DVDStyler 2.9.6

DVDStyler Review:

 DVDSTyler is more than just an authoring tool for DVDs, but it is also completely free, software that is built on the top of open source code. This makes it legally unlicensed for distribution and modification in order to improve and add features on the go. There are already a lot of tools available built-in into DVDStyler such as a complete industry standard DVD burner, wide array of support for audio and video formats and support for hyper & multi-threading or using multiple cores for the batch processing of jobs. A lot of such features make this tool quite powerful and a great one stop solution for practically every requirement of creating and managing content on DVDs. 


 It comes with a whole bunch of self-installed chapter creation templates that allows you to quickly pick one of the many styles to prepare your videos. Alternatively, it also allows the users to make their own menus right away and save them as templates for future use.
 - You could quickly create a photo slideshow or add multiple subtitles and audio track in your videos. 
 - It can support MPEG and VOB files without re-encoding them from their base standards.
 - File formats such as MOV, AVI, MPEG, MP4, OGG, WMV and many more are completely supported confirming to the latest versions.
 - It provides support for different title set so that you can put files with different audio or video formats on the same DVD. These might be necessary, keeping in mind future or case specific scenarios.

 These happen just at the click of a few buttons, at the most, and offer the least intensive way of doing them.

 User Interface

 The next big thing about DVDStyler is it super easy and intuitive interface that offers everything right in front of you, where it belongs. All of them are modifiable.
 - Everything is practically drag and drop kind of a tool. The menu is completely based on scalable vector graphics that provides easily scalable images supporting different screen sizes without pixilation.
 - It allows importing images for backgrounds, choosing buttons, menu bars, and other graphic elements for creating your presentation.


 The recent release rolls out DVDStyler 2.9.6 that is available under a BSD license for Windows, Mac and Linux. The source code as well as binary installer is also available for the application.

 Imagine a magic wand that makes your content presentable and distributable using a DVD, just like that. Well, DVDStyler could be just that wand.

DVDStyler screenshotDVDStyler screenshotDVDStyler screenshotDVDStyler screenshot

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